Brenda Renee Debuts On "Ginary's Tickle Adventures"

Brenda Renee's debut video "Big Breasted Brenda Renee Tickle Interrogated By Officer Nikki Brooks" is now live on the Ginary's Tickle Adventures video distribution site. 

The site features tickle fetish videos and accepts booking via email. Further information can be viewed here.

Officer Nikki Brooks has Brenda Renee all tied up on the wall, and tells her she is determined to prove she is a criminal. Nikki sprays Brenda’s white shirt with water, and tells her to bounce up and down, convinced stolen merchandise will fall out. Brenda refuses and tells Nikki she is innocent, but Nikki starts to tickle her. Nikki tickles Brenda’s tits and all over her body, telling her to confess. Nikki lifts Brenda’s shirt and tickles her even more with various tickle toys when she finds nothing! 

(Custom Clip. Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Brenda or Nikki? Email us today.)

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