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SimplySxy EXCLUSIVE! Interview With Brenda Renee: "How To Give A Lady A Proper Cunnilingus"

I think for me, I enjoy pleasuring her more. I’ve always had a thing for that. Tasting the different flavors of different ladies. It’s a new experience for me every time. Do Men Generally Know How To Do It? I think a lot of people forget that every rose is different. Some have bigger petals, some have bigger hips, and some have stigmas that take longer to pleasure. There are various ways to provide a lady with oral pleasure, the most important thing is to see her, and recognize her. The intervals between kissing, flicking, licking and sucking all change with the shape and preference of that particular darling. What Do Women Want? It changes based on the lady, your dynamic with her, and her own preferences. The only consistency is to have consistency. Common Cunnilingus Mistakes Receiving a lady isn’t always going to be the same. Some prefer gentle kissing and sucking, some prefer hard sucking and fast licking. The key is to try to be a fast learner. Observe her body language, and if yo

Brenda Renee Launches the Heathen's Cabaret Virtual Strip Club

Brenda Renee has officially launched online virtual strip club "Heathen's Cabaret" featuring the most exclusive variety of specialty and fetish hosts & models.


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